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Andrews Eyecare Center

At Andrews Eye Care Center our missions is to provide exceptional eyecare by utilizing the most sophisticated equipment and education in a state-of-the-art facility, while maintaining a warm, compassionate and friendly atmosphere.We will also strive to educate our patients, to help them understand how their vision care interrelates with their overall health and well being.


Choosing your eye doctor is an important decision. Choose the right one and you’ll rest easy knowing that you were properly taken care of. Choose the wrong one and the consequences can be devastating. You should go to the best doctor who provides the best care, and cares the most about your eyes. It’s that simple. Impersonal assembly line care is something you’ll never find at our office! Yuou see, we are a private office, not a highway chain, clinic or franchise and according to a Federal Trade Commission study, eyecare in private offices is superior to eyecare in commercial stores.


Andrews Eye Care Center is proud to offer, for your family’s eye health and vision needs, the following services:




We offer the latest in eyeglass technology having a direct computer link with our lab so that orders can be placed immediately. Since accuracy is more important than speed, we believe that “while you wait” eyeglasses are just not worth waiting for. In fact, before you receive your eyeware it undergoes rigorous inspection and verification procedure that can take over an hour. We have board certified opticians and we offer a complete collection of designer and other high quality frames and lenses including invisible bifocals, scratch resistant coatings, antiglare coatings and transition lenses. (sun darkening)


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